Program Overview

The Natural Selection

The University of California, Irvine (UCI) has evolved a unique interdisciplinary program in Transportation Science, making UCI the natural selection for graduate studies at the frontiers of the field. While most transportation programs focus on a single discipline, UCI's program, which leads to the M.S. or Ph.D., is administered by faculty from the Departments of Economics, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Urban & Regional Planning, as well as from the Department of Information and Computer Science and the Graduate School of Management.

The Missing Link

Transportation Science draws upon contributing departments for faculty, courses, and research opportunities, providing a synergy that is rare if not unique in transportation education. The program stresses research at the frontiers of Transportation Science, and is designed to educate students in a broad set of competencies and perspectives that mirror the practice of current transportation research and practice, inherently interdisciplinary fields. Graduates acquire a broad range of skills and master one of four specializations: Planning and Policy Analysis, Traffic Systems Analysis, Transportation Economics, and Methods & Analysis.

The Environment

UCI offers an environment for broad interaction between faculty and students in research, courses, and seminars. Research topics include: travel forecasting and activity-based modeling, road pricing, Intelligent Transportation Systems and Advanced Transportation Management Systems, development and deployment of advanced technologies, land use and regional development, vehicle choice and usage models, the future of the automobile, logistics and freight modeling, transit management and analysis, and traffic microsimulation.

The Future

Employment opportunities for transportation professionals continue to expand. Recent graduates have found careers in universities, government agencies, and consulting firms. The broad interdisciplinary perspectives defining UCI's graduate program in Transportation Science will help you find the natural selection for your future.