Student Dissertations

Kopitch, Lima. An Analysis of the Impact of an Incident Management System on Secondary Incidents on Freeways – An Application to the I-5 in California PhD, Transportation Science, 2011 117 pp. Adviser: Jean-Daniel Saphores [Abstract]

Ayala, Roberto. Of Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Market Structure and Incentives for a more Efficient, Cleaner and Fairer Transportation System. PhD, Transportation Science, 2011 xxx pp. Adviser: Jean-Daniel Saphores [Abstract]

Sangkapichai, Mana. Transportation and the Environment: Essays on Technology, Infrastructure, and Policy. PhD, Transportation Science, 2009. Adviser: Jean-Daniel Saphores [Abstract]

Wang, Jiana-Fu. Operational Strategies for Single-Stage Crossdocks. PhD, Transportation Science, 2008. 146 pp. Adviser: Amelia C. Regan [Abstract]

Apivatanagul, Pruttipong. Network Design Formulations, Modeling, and Solution Algorithms for Goods Movement. PhD, Transportation Science, 2008. 180 pp. Adviser: Amelia C. Regan [Abstract]

Kalandiyur, Nesamani. Estimating Vehicle Emissions in Transportation Planning Incorporating the Effect of Network Characteristics on Driving Patterns. PhD, Transportation Science, 2007. 189 pp. Advisers: R. Jayakrishnan and Michael G. McNally [Abstract]

Girvin, Raquel. Economic Analysis of Aircraft and Airport Noise Regulations. Ph.D, Transportation Science, 2006. 151 pp. Adviser: Jan Brueckner [Abstract]

Kulkarni, Anup. Modeling Activity Pattern Generation and Execution. Ph.D., Transportation Science, 2002. 143 pp. Adviser: Michael G. McNally [Abstract]

Parkany, Ann Emily. Traveler Responses to New Choices: Toll Versus Free Alternatives in a Congested Corridor. Ph.D., Transportation Science, 1999. 168 pp. Adviser: Kenneth A. Small [Abstract]

Ryan, Sherry. The Value of Access to Highways and Light Rail Transit: Evidence for Industrial and Office Firms. Ph.D., Transportation Science, 1997. 138 pp. Adviser: Joseph F. DiMento [Abstract]